Tulip Festival 2019

Hello everyone! April is going by so fast and I can't believe Easter is this weekend! I feel like it is super late this year! A couple of weeks ago, my fiance and I went to visit the city where we used to live, we saw some of my old co-workers and went to our… Continue reading Tulip Festival 2019


April Journal 2019

Hello all!! I have my April journal layout this week! The theme is hexagons and flowers. I really like how it came out! I've seen some doodles similar to this with stars and planets and some flowers as well. I thought it was very cute and dainty!! I hope April is going well for everyone!… Continue reading April Journal 2019


February Beauty Favorites 2019

Hello everyone! I haven't done a favorites post since November 2018 and I wanted to share some products I have been loving lately. Some products are new finds and some are products that I already had, but I have rediscovered how great they are. I hope to do beauty and random favorites more often on… Continue reading February Beauty Favorites 2019