I am Thankful For…

Hello everyone! I meant to get this up sooner but as always the holidays create busy times. I thought I would make a list of 10 things I am grateful for in my life in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I always think it is important to take the time to reflect on the positive things you have in your life, especially when life gets overwhelming and busy. Focusing on the positive events in your life can bring you more happiness and much more.

Here are 10 things I am grateful for:

1.  My family and being able to be closer to them since I moved back.

2. Reconnecting with old friends. Since moving back to where I grew up, I have been reaching out to old friends and catching up with them.

3.  My education. I haven’t gotten a job since graduating college, but I do appreciate my opportunities and I love to learn.

4. Music. I have found many new artists that I love. Music helps me get out of my head and just have fun.

5. Playing card games with my parents. I love spending time with them. My parents are my best friends.

6. Audio Books. I have been listening to audio books more often because I just haven’t wanted to go to the library. Listening is also great for driving and road trips.

7. Thanksgiving food. I am grateful that my family is able to come together to help make all the tasty food we had.

8. Good health. I am grateful for my good health but also my families. People are getting older and it puts them at risk for a lot of things. This goes for the babies in my life too because they are also at risk for illnesses.

9. The holidays and celebrating them with my family. My boyfriend and I created new traditions but we can still celebrate with our families as well.

10. Rainy mornings. I love waking up to the sound of rain. It is so relaxing and I enjoy the thought of the earth being hydrated with the water.

Leave some things you are grateful for in the comments down below!
Thank you so much for reading!
♥ Lindsey


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