Shows I’ve Been Watching

Hello everyone! I thought I would share the shows I have been watching recently.


My Boyfriend and I just started watching Riverdale. We aren’t very far into the first season, but we are enjoying it so far. There is so much mystery and I enjoy how each character is being introduced and more about their story is unraveling.

~Ugly Betty~

I remember watching a few episodes of Ugly Betty when it was airing on TV. I loved it and enjoyed learning about the magazine industry. When I got Hulu and saw that they had all the seasons on there, I started from the beginning and now I’m already on the last season and I don’t want it to end.

~Bachelor in Paradise~

Even though the finale aired on Tuesday, I wanted to include this show because I have been really into it lately. There is so much drama and things just turn into a big mess. Reality TV just sucks me in even though a lot of people hate on it.

~Re-watching American Horror Story~


I wanted to restart American Horror Story because my boyfriend hasn’t seen them. We are about to start the third season, Coven. Coven is my favorite season and I am so excited for the newest one to come out since it is Coven and Murder House combined.

What shows have you been watching lately?


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